Drip Drop Disposable Bibs

The perfect solution for doting moms and carers.

  • Who are Drip Drop Kids suitable for?

    These versatile bibs are suitable for babies and toddlers, protecting them from messy activities and grubby meals.

    Daycare centers and moms love our product as an easy cleanup, zero-hassle, cheaper-than-a-laundromat solution.

  • What ages are Drip Drop bibs suitable for?

    Drip Drop Bibs come in two sizes.

    Size 1-2: Suitable for babies 1Yr+

    Size 3-4: Suitable for children 3Yr+

  • Where can I buy them?

    Drip Drop Kids is currently available to order here, and in groceries across Williamsburg, Boro Park, Lakewood, Monsey, and Monroe.

    If you’d like to stock them in your local grocer, contact us here.

  • How do I use a Drip Drop bib?

    Gently slip your child’s hands in first and then carefully put the bib over the child’s head. Adjust tie according to size.

  • How many bibs are in a package?

    Each package holds 10 disposable bibs.

  • Can I purchase these bibs wholesale?

    Absolutely, feel free to contact us here.

  • My order hasn’t arrived.

    Thank you for your patience, please contact us here and we will do our best to get your package to you as soon as possible.